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AguaMaster V


The Vortron AguaMaster V introduces a new technology for water treatmnt that mimics nature's won methods to produce clener, softer, better tasting water without using chemicals, complex metal alloys, salts or electricity for a truly maintenance free total-treatment water conditiong systems.

It softens the water and leaves in all the healthful minerals standard water softeners and reverse osmosis systems eliminate. It removes sediment, suspended particles, Iron, Sulfur and other dissolved solids without the use of a pre-filer.

Cleaner, softer, better tasting, vital activated water for you and your family.

The unit alters the molecular structure of both the water and the minerals in the water. The altered minerals no longer act to "harden" the water. All the healthful benefits of the minerals retained while excess Iorn, Sulfur, suspended solids and sediments are dynamically removed

Years of scale buildup eliminated in weeks