For anyone wanting to do a simple ritual to connect with the God/Goddess, I would suggest this one, it is simple yet elegant *smile*.. and simplicity is something that very seldom goes wrong.. *smile*

 You will need the following:

two white candles
a Goddess/God figurine or something to represent your Higher Power, eg a Budha, a Shiva, etc

Place the two white candles at opposite ends of where-ever you will do your ritual, eg 30cm apart, in the centre, in front of the candles, place your Goddess/God figurine, place your incense holder in front of the figurine.

Light the white candles from left to right, then light the incense (if you are using a block of charcoal and loose incense, then make sure that you light the charcoal block before the white candles for practicality). Still your mind and sit or stand comfortably, allow yourself to be at peace.. and say whatever words come to mind... I look to Isis and so I use these specific words:

Isis, Goddess of Magic and all things
You who are all that is and all that will ever be
come veiled Queen of the Night
come as the scent of the sacred lotus
charging my circle with love and light
descend upon my circle I pray you
oh Blessed Isis

You could also use the following verse, said three times, if you feel more comfortable or if you prefer to not converse with Isis *smile*:

We all come from the Goddess
and to Her we shall return
like a drop of rain from the ocean

Once I have said these words (spoken aloud or not, as you feel comfortable) I ask that She give me a sign that She is with me.. I sink into a trancelike state *smile*.. each person's experience is different, do not be afraid as there is nothing to fear except fear itself (as my mentor, Elaine, always tells me *grin*). I then thank Isis for being with me and talk to Her about various challenges I face, fears, uncertainties, ask for guidence etc. I then thank Her once again, trusting that I will receive the answers I need. Then I say the following:

I breathe your essence into my body
blending, commingling with mine
Oh grant God, oh grant Goddess
that I may see the divine in nature
and nature in the divine
make me one with your essence

I stay quiet for a while in contemplation or allow my mind to drift here and there.. when I feel sure, I snuff out the candles in the opposite direction to lighting them.

That's it peeps!  Plain and I hope simple *smile*


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