This poem I dedicate to lovers the worlds over.... may they find hearts-ease, peace and joy *soft smile*


She stirs in the silence
he holds his breath
his eyes on her dear face
she mumbles and turns
limbs tangled and languid
a living memory to their loving
he wonders.. holds his breath
never leaving the sweet sight
that draws his eyes
the night draws to a close
she opens drowsy eyes
and welcomes him
into embracing arms
he sinks like a storm tossed branch
into the haven of her

Remember how good it feels to be in someone's arms?  The electric feel of swaying against each other?  That magical "first dance"?


They gaze at each other
eyes locking
breath slow and gentle
magic swirling around
pulse picking up
flesh aching
the first tentative touch
the first breathy exhale
tendrils of fire racing
nerve endings alight
soft sighs of delight
heated passion
moist heat
passion spiraling
the slow banking of fires

This poem was inspired by a vision that I had... I hope the words speak for themselves... *smile*


It was stark and windswept
this section of the Creator's planet
as tho he had forgotten
he had created it at all
They sat on a rock
gazed out into the desert
started to appreciate the
untrammeled beauty of it all
saw the plan unfold
their souls lifted
into flight
soared high into the cloud-swept sky
danced with the Lords of the Air
called and were answered


"Why Now?"

Why now and not before? I mused to Myself
Why now, not then when there was so much less pain?
Why now when I feel shabby and not then where I felt glorious?
Why now?  why now indeed?


"What is love?"

The cool contentment of an early dawn snuggled tight?
The frenzied fire of passion on a hot sultry night?
Soft whispers, low moans, untimely giggles in the rapture?
Or is it a slow unending delight?
Two souls mingled in the searing white?
Passion flaring and flaming bright?
An endless beginning and ending?
Ever circling, neverending?

"Who am I?"

Who am I? she asked
Who is anybody? he replied
I must know!  she said
You will in time!  he replied
Why not now?  she asked
Your time has not come to pass!  he replied
With that she had to be content
He merely smiled, wise beyond his years


he came upon a midnight clear
he knew what it would be
A moments stolen passion
A breathless fleeting touch to base his reality upon

he gave not up, oh no, not he!
he watched, he waited
he anticipated!

She, all unaware, trod blithely along,
until they met "face to face"
As she gazed into his eyes, she saw her very soul reflected like a prism
Entranced she took a step and was lost to the rapture of love



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