Welcome one and all from the Wilds of Africa and the suburbs of America!  (Yes, this is the new part, or was, about five or so years ago, boy time goes fast whether you are having fun or not! *grin*).  I hope you will find enough to keep you entertained and intrigued as you surf your way across, through, into, under and from "The Top" to "the bottom" of my pages *twinkle*

Background information for first time visitors would be useful around now *smile*  I'm heading for 36 and live in the USA. I started off in Texas (big state and YES, everything IS bigger in Texas! *wink*)  after spending most of my adult life in East London and Johannesburg, South Africa (yes, we do have internet access in Darkest Africa!)  I was born and spent my formative years in Rhodesia, called Zimbabwe since 1980 or thereabouts when it underwent a name change.

I've included some South African links to places of interest like the Stellenbosch Farmer's Winery (South African wines are gaining a reputation for being a quality product), South African Airways and Ananzi, the South African search engine, The Star (the South African newspaper) soooooo.... happy surfing those of you who are interested or who have the time to be quizzy (South African slang for "nosy"). *smile*

A few facts to keep under consideration.... This page will be permanently under *shudder*......CONSTRUCTION,

I've included links to friends and family home pages on my Index page so feel free to visit theirs too *smile*  Beckett (the nuttiest and sweetest brother a girl could wish for!) Waterfalls, Welsh Witch, Sex Goddess, Moose (or Moss as I affectionately call him *giggle* seeing that he has the temerity to call me WildSpurt!  Who, is btw, a truly wonderful guy), Muski (one of my oldest and dearest friends), Den Master (another old and dear one *soft smile* who I finally have back on my icq list *yaaaaay*), Mantronik, Sarah T (a dear sister that I lost on 25 November who now walks in the light of the Goddess and watches over us *soft smile*), Leo (a great giver of advice for a sister if she remembers to replenish the advice metre! *grin*... not forgetting LONGARM (how a girl could be blessed with so many wonderful brothers is beyond me! *soft smile*), my big sis, Jasmin, who is responsible for the beautiful background on this page and all the bits and pieces, way to go Big Sis! *huggies*,  WildSmurf, Oxnard, Luvdup and, of course,my lil bro, hYPnOSe..the musician! A whole host of others who I'll be adding as they get their pages done.. *broad hint* and I can't possibly forget animus or humble~bumble either, both whom I miss dearly.

I have a wide variety of interests so you will have to kareen around my site and poke around into its dusty corners to find out what there is to find out - be careful, I have dragons dozing in corners!

If you use any of the pathworkings, mediations or poetry please respect the copyrights.

WARNING: Please also take note that some of these pages and links provide content suitable only for adults.  If you are under 21 or it is illegal in your state or country to view adult-orientated materials, please leave and surf elsewhere.

Until next we meet, blessed be.


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